Your Guide to the Best Non-Toxic Body Wash for Healthy Skin

Ever looked at the back of your non toxic body wash, and felt like you were reading a science textbook? Sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA… what are these ingredients anyway?

You’re not alone in this journey to decode beauty jargon. I remember standing in an aisle full of soaps and body washes, feeling overwhelmed by all those hard-to-pronounce words on labels.

I asked myself: “Isn’t there something simpler out there?” That’s when my quest for non-toxic personal care products began.

We’ve come far from that day. Now we have options – clean, organic brands that don’t compromise on quality or efficacy. And it’s high time we took advantage of them!

Let’s plunge into the world of natural ingredients together. We’ll check out popular non-toxic brands like Ursa Major and more.

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Understanding Non-Toxic Body Washes

Understanding Non-Toxic Body Washes

If you’ve ever examined the components of your body wash bottle and been puzzled by a number of them, then this is the area for you. Many mainstream body wash products are packed with harmful elements – think sulfates, parabens, fragrances that can wreak havoc on your skin.

What Makes a Body Wash Toxic?

Mainstream brands often use toxic ingredients like phthalates or cocamide DEA in their body wash formulations. But don’t panic just yet. Not all these chemicals will turn you into the Hulk. It’s more about how they affect sensitive skin types causing irritation, allergies, or dryness.

In fact, according to research by EWG Skin Deep database, it’s common to find MEA (Monoethanolamine), TEA (Triethanolamine) and triclosan as part of ingredient lists too. These aren’t names from a sci-fi movie but harsh chemicals used frequently in personal care products.

The Benefits of Using Non-Toxic Body Washes

So why switch? Well non-toxic body washes give us a chance to treat our bodies better without sacrificing cleanliness or scent satisfaction. Plus there’s no shortage of options either.

Natural alternatives prioritize health using organic components which lead to less skin problems because they’re free from harsh irritants usually found in regular soaps. Who knew bathing could be so eco-friendly?

Key Ingredients in Non-Toxic Body Wash Brands

The world of non-toxic body washes is a smorgasbord of naturally derived, plant-based ingredients. You’ll find everything from refreshing green tea to hydrating coconut oil on the ingredient list.

The Power of Organic Ingredients

Bathing with organic body wash options feels like getting hugged by Mother Nature herself. Shea butter, for instance, soothes skin while leaving it feeling as soft as a baby’s cheek. Meanwhile, essential oils like bergamot orange peel offer not just aromatic pleasure but also beneficial skin properties.

Brands are now swapping harmful ingredients with natural alternatives that work wonders without any nasty side effects. Sodium lauryl sulfate who? More like sodium laureth NO-thank-you-late.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Formulations

Sustainable practices aren’t just about what goes into your body wash – they’re also about how it comes packaged. Biodegradable formulations packed in aluminum bottles or even bar soaps are becoming increasingly popular because let’s face it – we want our bodies clean and our conscience clearer than spring water.

To make sure you’re choosing the best for yourself and Mama Earth too, check out these Top 15 best zero waste shampoo and plastic free conditioner brands in 2023. Happy scrubbing folks.

Popular Non-Toxic Body Wash Brands

If you’re on the hunt for a natural body wash option, let me introduce Ursa Major. This brand prides itself on its unique offerings, and it’s definitely worth exploring.

Ursa Major’s body wash is not just non-toxic but also gentle on dry skin due to its blend of essential oils and aloe vera. It leaves your skin feeling clean without stripping away natural oils.

Ursa Major: A Natural Body Wash Option

Their signature product features coconut oil that soothes skin while giving off an invigorating scent of bergamot orange – making every shower feel like a mini-vacation. Plus, with their commitment to using organic ingredients in recyclable aluminum bottles, they make sure that both your body and Mother Earth stay squeaky clean.

Castile Soap: A Gentle and Non-Toxic Body Wash Alternative

If you prefer bar soaps over body washes (I see you traditionalists.), Dr.Bronner’s Castile Bar Soaps are worth considering as well.

Made from olive oil instead of animal fats, these bars are not only gentler but can be used as shampoo or even laundry soap. Talk about versatility.

For more eco-friendly bathroom swaps check out this article about the 13 best refillable options available today. Remember folks – being green is always in style.

Ever wonder about the safety of your body wash? The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has you covered with their Skin Deep database. It’s like a GPS guiding you through the labyrinth of personal care products.

This treasure trove sorts out body washes based on ingredients, giving each product a score. So next time when someone asks about sodium laureth sulfate or synthetic fragrances in your shower gel, just tell them to check this database.

But wait, there’s more. If curiosity is getting the best of you and that ingredient list looks as decipherable as Morse code – fear not. There’s a “Build Your Own Report” tool where users can enter those pesky elements to get an approximate toxicity score. How cool is that?

You can also download their Healthy Living App – Android or Healthy Living App – Apple, making it easier than ordering pizza while binging on Netflix. Just remember folks; knowledge is power and we want our bodies clean without any nasty surprises lurking in our soap suds.

DIY Non-Toxic Body Wash Recipes

If you’re tired of scanning the ingredient list on your body wash bottles and finding things you can’t pronounce, it’s time to whip up some DIY non-toxic body wash recipes. Here are a couple of simple yet effective homemade concoctions that will have your skin feeling like it just had a spa day.

Simple and Effective Homemade Body Wash Recipes

This recipe combines natural elements, such as coconut oil for hydration, honey with its antibacterial qualities, and a range of essential oils to give off an aroma. Mix together one cup each of raw honey and organic coconut oil with two tablespoons of Castile soap. Add 50 drops (yes, go wild.) of your favorite essential oil. I recommend lavender or bergamot orange – they smell divine.

This second recipe is perfect if you’ve got sensitive skin. You’ll need half a cup each of shea butter and olive or avocado seed oil, along with quarter cups each Castile soap (again.) and raw honey. Melt the shea butter gently over low heat before mixing in all other ingredients.

Safety Precautions & Allergen Considerations for DIY Body Washes

Making these at home is fun but do remember to always perform an allergy test when trying new products – even natural ones. Patch tests can save you from unexpected reactions because even Mother Nature has her quirks.

FAQs in Relation to Non Toxic Body Wash

What’s the safest body wash to use?

The safest body washes are those made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. Brands like Ursa Major and Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap prioritize health and sustainability.

Which body wash is best and chemical free?

A top pick for a chemical-free body wash would be Attitude Super Leaves, it’s EWG verified and free from harmful substances.

What body wash has the least amount of chemicals?

Puracy Natural Body Wash boasts minimal chemicals in its formula while still providing effective cleansing properties.

Does Dove body wash have toxins?

Dove uses mild surfactants in their products but they do contain some synthetic components that might not suit all skin types or preferences for completely natural formulations.


Stepping into the world of non-toxic body wash isn’t just a trend, it’s a healthy lifestyle change. You’ve discovered how to identify harmful ingredients and learned about natural alternatives that can soothe your skin.

You’re now familiar with brands like Ursa Major that are making waves in this field. You understand the importance of eco-friendly packaging and formulations for our planet’s health.

Navigating EWG’s Skin Deep database is no longer daunting, but empowering. It provides you with the info needed to pick out personal care products for yourself and those close to you.

If buying non-toxic body wash doesn’t appeal to you, creating one at home using DIY recipes could be an exciting option!

From deciphering labels to creating your own body cleansers – this journey has been enlightening! Remember, what we put on our bodies matters as much as what we put in them.

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