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An Honest Review of Dime Beauty Products – What to Expect Before Buying

Ready to dive into the world of clean beauty without breaking the bank? Enter Dime Beauty Products, a brand that offers affordable, high-quality skincare products for the budget-conscious and environmentally aware consumer.

In this honest review, you’ll discover everything you need to know about this popular brand, from its founders’ story to its clean beauty claims and product effectiveness. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Dime Beauty is a clean, affordable skincare brand founded in 2018.

  • Their products are suitable for normal to oily skin types and most items are priced under $40.

  • Real user experiences with Dime Beauty vary but it provides an accessible gateway into clean beauty at an affordable price point.

Dime Beauty: The Brand and Its Founders

A picture of a skincare brand called Dime Beauty Products

Skincare brand Dime Beauty was founded by Baylee and Ryan Relf in 2018, with a mission to provide clean, affordable, and high-quality skincare products for women of all ages. Inspired by the lack of clean and nontoxic options for sensitive skin, Baylee, a licensed master esthetician, decided to create a clean beauty brand that focused on vegan and cruelty-free product formulations.

Ryan’s experience as a product development specialist in the beauty and skincare world played a significant role in creating products suitable for various skin tones.

Fun fact: Did you know that the couple started Dime Beauty from their own garage? Talk about a humble beginning with a powerful vision!

Clean Beauty: How Does Dime Beauty Measure Up?

A picture of a clean beauty brand called Dime Beauty

Though Dime Beauty identifies as a clean beauty brand, some of its ingredients such as phenoxyethanol and soybean phytosterols might raise eyebrows.

The good news is that the brand provides Environmental Working Group (EWG) scores for transparency, allowing you to see the safety ratings for each ingredient used in their products.

Despite Dime Beauty’s commitment to steer clear of specific harmful ingredients like 1,4 dioxane, a trace amount of phenoxyethanol is used in a few of their products. Phenoxyethanol can contain 1,4 dioxane, which is carcinogenic, but Dime uses no more than 1% in their formulations.

Price-wise, Dime Beauty shines as a pocket-friendly pick in the clean beauty realm, making it a compelling choice for individuals aiming to transition to clean skincare without straining their wallets.

In this honest dime beauty review, we’ll explore the reasons behind its popularity.

Dime Beauty Product Range and Pricing

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With most items priced under $40, Dime Beauty offers an extensive range of skincare products that cater to various skin concerns.

From the Eyebrow Enhancing Gel, which contains peptides for longer and thicker eyebrows, to the Hyaluronic Acid Serum for hydration and plumpness, there’s something for everyone.

Other popular products include:

  • Gentle Jelly Cleanser: for a gentle and affordable face wash

  • Thirsty Face Mist: for hydration and blue light protection

  • Restorative Night Cream: for nourishing your skin overnight

  • Super Firm Serum: for reducing fine lines and wrinkles

In a nutshell, our dime beauty review reveals that Dime Beauty provides a great selection of skincare products at a price point that won’t break the bank, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. Plus, with the dime discount code, you can save even more on your purchases.

Suitable Skin Types for Dime Beauty Products

Dime Beauty products may work better for those with normal to oily skin types, as some users with dry skin have reported a lack of hydration from certain products. For example, the Blue Facial Oil is specifically designed for oily skin, providing hydration and spot treatment benefits.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that Dime Beauty asserts their products to be all skin types-friendly, hence, reactions might differ from person to person.

Where to Purchase Dime Beauty Products

You can buy Dime Beauty products straight from their website or via Amazon. However, they aren’t available at Sephora or other prominent beauty retailers. This implies that online shopping is your go-to for exploring and purchasing their product range.

Their extensive online product line-up, spanning from Blue Facial Oil to Restorative Night Cream, makes it easy to assemble your own Dime Beauty skincare regimen.

Top Picks: Best Dime Beauty Products

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Popular picks from Dime Beauty products comprise of the

  1. Hyperglow Vitamin C serum
  2. Dans Les Bois perfume
  3. Wonderscreen SPF 50

Bear in mind that what works for one might not work for others.

The Hyper Glow Serum, which helps combat free radical damage, is a must-have for radiant skin, with many users reporting a brighter complexion after regular use.

The Dans Les Bois perfume offers a unique scent experience, although some may not appreciate the synthetic fragrance. Meanwhile, the Wonderscreen SPF 50 provides essential sun protection but may leave a white cast on some skin tones.

In selecting from these top choices, do note that skincare and beauty are subjective. What works wonders for one might fail to impress another. So, feel empowered to explore and discover your own Dime Beauty favorites!

Noteworthy Dime Beauty Products: Pros and Cons

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Noteworthy products like the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, TBT Cream, and Eyelash Boost Serum have received mixed reviews, with some users praising their affordability and effectiveness, while others find them overpriced or ineffective.

The mascara, for example, applies smoothly without clumping or flaking but may not provide enough volume for some and could smudge on oily skin.

The Eyelash Boost Serum has fans who claim it makes their lashes look thicker and longer, while others report no significant difference in lash appearance.

Similarly, the TBT Serum, which is marketed as a clean retinol alternative, has received mixed feedback, with some users not noticing visible improvements in their skin.

The DIME Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a popular choice for those on a budget or with younger skin, but it may not be as effective as other, more expensive formulas on the market.

On the whole, bear in mind that people’s experiences with Dime Beauty products can differ greatly, hence, it’s key to approach each product with an open mind and reasonable expectations.

Comparing Dime Beauty to Other Clean Beauty Brands

In the realm of affordability, Dime Beauty distinguishes itself from numerous other clean beauty brands by providing products at a more accessible price point without compromising on quality.

Yet, some consumers believe that other clean beauty brands outshine Dime Beauty in terms of product efficacy and ingredient standard.

Nonetheless, Dime Beauty’s transparency about their ingredients and high ratings on the EWG scale demonstrate their commitment to clean beauty and make them a reasonable choice for those looking to switch to cleaner skincare options.

Real User Experiences: Dime Beauty Reviews

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Real user experiences with Dime Beauty products vary widely. Some people rave about the results they’ve seen with products like the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Restorative Night Cream, while others feel the products are overpriced or ineffective.

For example, the Blue Facial Oil, which contains blue tansy oil, black cumin seed oil, and rosehip oil, has received praise for its blemish-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. However, not everyone has had the same experience, with some users not seeing the desired results after using the product.

The diversity in views and experiences underscores the fact that skincare is a personal journey and a product that works for one may not work for another, depending on factors such as skin tone.

It’s vital to approach each Dime Beauty product with an open mind and be open to experimentation to find the skincare routine that best suits your unique needs.

In sum, Dime Beauty provides a budget-friendly and reachable gateway into the realm of clean beauty. Their broad product range caters to diverse skin types and concerns, ensuring there’s something for every individual. However, do bear in mind that individual experiences and results can differ, so approach each product with an open mind and sensible expectations. Enjoy your skincare shopping!


We’ve explored the brand’s founders, clean beauty claims, product range, pricing, and real user experiences. While Dime Beauty offers affordable and accessible clean beauty products, individual experiences and results may vary. As with any skincare brand, it’s essential to experiment and discover what works best for your unique needs. So, why not give Dime Beauty a try and find your new favorite clean beauty products?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DIME Beauty a real company?

Yes, DIME Beauty is a real company founded in 2018 by Ryan and Baylee Relf.

Who owns DIME Beauty?

DIME Beauty is owned by Ryan and Baylee Relf, a husband and wife duo who founded the brand in 2018 to offer clean, optimized skincare solutions for all women.

Is dime good for wrinkles?

Yes, DIME Restorative Night Cream is great for reducing the look of wrinkles – you’ll wake up to glowing skin!

Is DIME Beauty made in the USA?

Yes, DIME Beauty products are made in the USA, specifically in Utah.

Are Dime Beauty products suitable for all skin types?

Dime Beauty products appear to be more suitable for normal to oily skin types, as some users with dry skin have reported not seeing the expected results in terms of hydration.

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