Maternity Clothing

51 Top Proven Tips on Maternity Clothing: Dressing Up That Bump with Pizzazz!

Maternity Clothing

Introduction to Maternity Clothing:

Ah, the miracle of pregnancy, where your belly grows, and your wardrobe shrinks! Fear not, fabulous moms-to-be, for we have compiled the ultimate list of 37 top tips on maternity clothing. Say goodbye to boring tent-like outfits and embrace your inner maternity fashionista. Let’s get that bump looking stylish and feeling comfy!

1. Embrace the Stretch

Invest in stretchy fabrics that grow with your bump. Not only will they provide much-needed comfort, but they’ll also hug your curves in all the right places.

2. Rock Those Stripes:

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal – stripes are your best friends. They elongate your figure and give you an instant style boost.

3. The Bigger, The Better:

Don’t be shy to size up! Maternity clothing tends to run smaller, so give yourself some room to breathe (and grow).

4. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize:

Draw attention away from the bump with fabulous accessories – statement necklaces, oversized earrings, or a killer handbag.

5. Maternity Jeans: Your New BFFs:

Invest in a couple of pairs of well-fitted maternity jeans. They’re versatile, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion.

6. Say Yes to Wrap Dresses: Maternity Clothing

Wrap dresses are the Holy Grail of maternity wear. They flatter your bump, show off your curves, and adjust as your baby grows.

7. Leggings Are Life:

Let’s face it; leggings are a lifesaver during pregnancy. Stock up on comfy, stretchy leggings in various colors and patterns.

8. Opt for Neutral Basics:

Build your wardrobe around neutral basics like black leggings, white tees, and gray sweaters. Mix and match to create endless outfits.

9. Layer Like a Pro:

Layering is your secret weapon. Add a stylish cardigan or kimono to elevate any simple maternity outfit.

10. Maternity Shapewear: Yes, It Exists!

For those special occasions, slip into maternity shapewear to smooth out those curves and feel confident.

11. Show Some Cleavage:

During pregnancy, your bosom blossoms. Embrace it by wearing tops and dresses that flatter your new assets.

12. Maternity Bras Matter:

Invest in supportive maternity bras. Your breasts will thank you!

13. Maxi Dresses for the Win:

Maxi dresses are elegant, breezy, and perfect for flaunting your baby bump with pride.

14. Borrow from the Boys:

Leverage the cozy and oversized appeal of your partner’s shirts and jackets. It’s the chicest form of stealing!

15. Mix Prints with Caution:

Mixing prints can be fun, but tread lightly. Stick to smaller patterns for a more flattering look.

16. Say No to Muumuus:

Avoid shapeless garments that hide your curves. You’re pregnant, not invisible!

17. Say Yes to Rompers and Jumpsuits:

Rompers and jumpsuits are one-and-done outfits that exude effortless style.

18. Flaunt Your Legs with Mini Skirts:

Got killer legs? Show them off with maternity mini skirts!

19. Comfy Footwear Only:

Your feet might swell during pregnancy, so opt for comfy and supportive shoes.

20. Belly Bands Are Lifesavers:

Extend the life of your regular pants with belly bands that offer extra belly support.

21. Embrace Your Inner Boho:

Flowy, bohemian-style dresses are not only trendy but also super comfortable.

22. Don’t Forget the Sunnies:

Pregnancy can make your eyes more sensitive to light. Rock those oversized sunglasses like the star you are! You can shop for best sunglasses at Sunglass Hut

23. Be Swim-Ready:

Own your pregnancy curves with confidence in a stylish maternity swimsuit.

24. Show Off Your Shoulders:

Off-shoulder tops and dresses draw attention upwards and balance your overall silhouette.

25. Get Thrifty:

Explore thrift stores for affordable and unique maternity pieces. Sustainable and stylish – a win-win! Also keep an eye on sales online!

26. Avoid Overheating:

Opt for breathable fabrics to keep cool during those hot pregnancy days.

27. Strut in Heels (if you want to!):

If you’re comfortable, there’s no reason to say goodbye to heels just yet.

28. Play with Colors:

Don’t stick to black and neutrals; experiment with vibrant hues to brighten up your maternity wardrobe.

29. Try Before You Buy:

Sizes can vary across brands, so always try on maternity clothes before making a purchase.

30. Show Off Your Waist:

Highlight your baby bump with empire-waist dresses and tops.

31. Splurge on Statement Pieces:

Invest in one or two high-quality statement pieces that can elevate any outfit.

32. Look for Nursing-Friendly Options:

Plan for the future with nursing-friendly maternity clothing that will be handy after your little one arrives.

33. DIY Maternity Wear:

Get crafty and upcycle some of your existing clothes into maternity wear. There are plenty of tutorials online to guide you.

34. Check Online Marketplaces:

Explore online marketplaces for gently used maternity clothing at budget-friendly prices.

35. Create a Capsule Wardrobe:

Simplify your maternity wardrobe with a capsule collection of mix-and-match pieces.

36. Don’t Forget Postpartum Wear:

Pack some comfortable postpartum clothing for when you return home with your bundle of joy.

37. Confidence Is Key:

Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence! The most stylish accessory is a glowing smile.

38. Pajamas All Day, Every Day:

Who says pajamas are just for bedtime? Invest in some cute and comfy maternity loungewear for those days when you just want to relax like a boss.

39. Embrace the Belt:

Define your baby bump with a stylish belt that sits comfortably above your belly. It’s the perfect accessory to create a chic silhouette.

40. Play with Proportions:

Balance your pregnancy look by pairing form-fitting tops with flowy bottoms, or vice versa. It’s all about mastering the art of proportions!

41. Seek Out Maternity Subscription Boxes:

Let the fashion fairy visit you each month with curated maternity subscription boxes. The excitement of unboxing new outfits is unparalleled.

42. Bid Farewell to Ankle Socks:

Elevate your outfit with cute knee-high socks that add a touch of whimsy to your look.

43. Invest in a White Button-Up:

A classic white button-up shirt is a versatile piece that can be styled in numerous ways throughout your pregnancy.

44. Experiment with Silhouettes:

Don’t shy away from trying new silhouettes. A-line, trapeze, and babydoll dresses can add a fresh twist to your maternity wardrobe.

45. Highlight Your Collarbones:

Off-the-shoulder and sweetheart neckline tops are perfect for showing off those elegant collarbones.

46. DIY Your Own Belly Bands:

Crafty mamas, make your own belly bands using stretchy fabric scraps. It’s a fun project that saves money!

47. Master the Art of Knotting:

Tie a knot on oversized tops to create a cute, cinched look that flatters your baby bump.

48. Get Inspired by Celeb Moms:

Look to stylish celebrity moms for fashion inspiration. They’ve mastered the art of dressing their bumps for the red carpet.

49. Show Off Your Ankles:

Cropped pants and rolled-up jeans draw attention to your ankles, giving a subtle edgy vibe to your outfit.

50. Create a “Pregnancy Mood Board”:

Gather fashion inspiration on a Pinterest mood board to curate your dream maternity wardrobe.

51. Break the Rules in Maternity Clothing:

Above all, remember that fashion rules are meant to be broken. Trust your instincts and wear what makes you feel like the glowing mama you are!


Pregnancy is a time to celebrate your changing body and embrace your unique style. With these 51 tips on maternity clothing, you’ll be strutting your stuff with panache and flair. Dressing that baby bump has never been so fun and fabulous! So go forth, mamas, and show the world that maternity fashion can be both chic and comfortable. Happy styling!

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